Middle School Football team goes Undefeated

Middle School Football team goes Undefeated
Posted on 10/26/2018
2018 Middle School football team

Congratulations to the Hamady Middle School football team for an undefeated season. The Hamady Middle school football team went 6-0 in its 2018 season for the first time in a long time. Many staff and students can’t remember that last time our young team had such an incredible season. Head coach Jordan Robinson,

“The drive they had last year a lot of those 7th graders that are now 8th graders knew what we expected. From them, this year we had a good group of kids that already knew what was expected “.

coach Jordan Robinson collecting jerseys

Coach Jordan Robinson who teaches middle school US history and Geography is thrilled for his team.

“It’s a cool thing to go 6-0”.

The 2018 season is Coach Robinson second year coaching football at Hamady. Last year Robison had a 3-2 record. Robinson believes that the player got excited about the season even before the first game.

“it started with new equipment shiny new helmets they loved that. Hearing about the football field, they saw it (football field) every day we practiced behind it“.

student turning in uniform

As Hawk Nation celebrated the Varsity football team making school history as the first team in school history to be undefeated, the middle school team felt like that played their part in creating their own account. 8th grader Defensive End Delano Townsend,

“it felt good to be the first to go undefeated in this school in a long time” I felt like varsity worked hard to go 9-0 as well as the middle school.

pizza party

The team celebrated its undefeated season with a pizza party and celebratory cake and Ice Cream.

Many of the players are looking forward to next year as they enter High School and be able to try out for the JV football team. 8th grade Running Back Xavier Willis,

“I was thrilled going undefeated, this was my first year going undefeated. It was just a lot of fun.”

Coach Robinson wants to thank Coach Taylor and Coach Hall for all their hard work and dedication.

pizza party

middle school teammates

Westwood Heights Schools would like to Congratulate the Middle School football team and coaching staff on your 6-0 season.

middle school teammates

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