Educational Development Plans

Educational Development Plan:

(Completed in Career Cruising or Xello)


Along with scheduling, we will also be making sure each student has an Educational Development plan which will allow students to plan for their academic future and learn more about the career and work worlds.  Students at this age are just starting to move from very idealistic to more realistic career options, so it’s good for them to explore all of the options available to them and start to discover what they might want to do in their future lives.  

Every year students must complete their EDP plan and this is generally completed during their English classes as a part of the curriculum.  Just to give you an idea, students will go over required classes for each grade level and will explore general career information. 

Core Courses: 

7th Grade                                             8th Grade

English 7                                              English 8

Math 7                                                 Math 8

Science 7                                             Science 8

World History                                       History 8

Physical Education/ Health 7                  Physical Education/ Health 8



Physical Education/ Health


Math or Reading Intervention



French 7 or 8


Career Choices:

7th Grade                                           8th Grade

Choose Schedule for 8th grade             Tentatively Choose 9th grade courses

Learning about my learning style          Matchmaker Assessment

Explore 3 Careers                               Explore Schools and Majors


Additional Lessons are Available and may be Explored in Career Sessions during English classes each year.