Fun Learning Activities This Summer

Fun Learning Activities to Keep Kids Busy and
Brains Active this Summer

Ms. Godman, Counselor  


There are lots of fun things to do in the summer with middle school children which will keep them busy and keep their minds active this summer.  If your student does not have to attend summer school, you may be wondering how to keep their minds busy and sharp over the summer break.  Here are a few suggestions: make a scrap book or keep a journal of everything you do this summer, this helps create good memories, and also encourages kids to be creative and to write.  Write a letter to a friend who has moved, kids love to receive mail and this can be a great way to stay connected.  Take a walk, ride your bike or exercise outside, summer is a great time to get in shape and the serotonin that is released when you exercise will help keep kids in a good mood.  Visit the zoo, a farm or a museum this summer, kids need to have new experiences and these activities help them to learn new things.  They usually cost only a little bit more than going to the movies.  Help someone in need, volunteering at an retirement home, picking up trash and bottles, setting up a lemon-aid stand and donating the money to a charity are all great ways that kids can help their community and their environment.  Helping others makes kids realize how lucky they are and that they are a part of a larger community.  Have a family game night, movie night or picnic.  Even just eating on the grass in the backyard is a fun way to do something different as a family and will give you an opportunity to chat and get to know each other better. Summer is a great opportunity to do something different with your middle school child, since the pressures of school are off for a while.  Enjoy spending time with your middle school student and have a great summer!!!