Get Ready, Get Set, GO TESTING!!!

Get Ready for M-Step and PSAT Testing!!!!

Ms. Godman, Counselor  (810) 591-8643


The Michigan all school testing days are coming and we will be taking several tests this spring.  These tests are mandatory, so please send your students on these days so that they can be successful and represent the school and themselves to the best of their ability.  8th graders will be taking the PSAT 8 which is a practice test for the SAT test, which is the current college admission test being used in Michigan.  Both 7th and 8th graders will be taking the M-Step tests, so please make sure your child is in school and well-rested.  We will be sending out a robo-call reminder to let you know the specific dates of each test .  Just like any other day, students should be getting enough sleep to do well on tests.  Between 7-9 hours a day is needed just for students to be healthy and mentally sharp.  Breakfast is also very important.  Make sure your child eats at home or comes in a bit early to eat in the cafeteria. Breakfast is free, so encourage your student to enjoy the morning with a healthy and nutritious breakfast here at school!  Reduce stress at home, by making sure homework is done early in the evening so that your child can be rewarded by some down time: playing games or watching their favorite show.  Talk to your child about test anxiety.  If they are super nervous about a test or assignment, remind them that while tests are important, they are certainly not the end of the world.  Help them keep a realistic perspective on their grades and education.  If you sense your child needs more help, call me.  I am ready to assist your child to overcome test anxiety and improve study and organizational skills.  So get Ready, get SET, go TESTING!!!